Monday, 28 February 2011

Which is the best text editor??

Yesterday, I discussed with my fellows about proper text editors for scripting.
Because everyone would have interest about this topic,
I'm going to write about "adequate text editor for scripting", as my first blog.

We use a text editor for writing R, Bash , HTML and Javascript,
and sometimes use it for reading unknown files.
To do such things, following requirements are needed;
1. having style templates for R, Bash, HTML and Javascript.
2. having functions for check/changing text-encoding.

In my case, multi-platform software is important as well
because I work on my various projects with Win, Mac and Ubuntu,
3. multi-platform(supports Win, Mac and Ubuntu) is preferred.

As a result we concluded that "Komodo Editor" may be better than anything else.
By applying a plugin, "Sciviews-K ", to Komodo Edit, these requirements fulfilled.

Installing Komodo Editor & Sciviews-K on Ubuntu is a little bit tricky
for such people who are a beginner of Ubuntu. Following HP will be helpful;

I could install Komodo Editor & Sciviews-K on Ubuntu without any problems.
I confirmed that Komodo Editor 6.1.1 is working on Ubuntu 10.10.